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Community Service

Western New England University fosters a culture of caring that is an important part of our core values. We are determined to educate our students to not only make a living but to craft a personally rewarding life. Many of our student clubs and organizations such as C.A.R.E. (Community Action Rewards Everyone) have a community service component, while we also offer classroom projects and specific programming to help students explore how you can turn your passions about important challenges facing our society into lifelong commitments to activeness and making your corner of the world a better place.

It All Starts with You

Our complex society is filled with challenges, but those challenges offer opportunities for you to become actively engaged in the issues you care passionately about. The Office for Student Volunteerism helps you channel your passions through direct service, education, and reflection--laying a foundation for advocacy that can last a lifetime.

Student Volunteerism

Forget Cancun... Skip the Bahamas...Take an Alternative Break

Alternative Spring Break is a week-long immersion experience spent living and serving in communities across the country. From mentoring children to helping rescued animals, feeding the homeless to environmental stewardship, our students have docked thousands of miles taking the Western New England University service ethic on the road. While memories of fun in the sun may fade with time, the impact of an alternative break experience can be more than just memorable, it can be life-changing.

Alternative Breaks

A Unique Sense of Belonging

  • Caring Begins at Home

    One of the most outstanding aspects of our campus is the community atmosphere: from the residence halls to the various clubs, teams, and organizations, every corner of campus contains its own distinct sense of kinship. Most importantly, we all feel part of the larger Western New England University community.

  • Expand Your Worldview

    Meeting new people, hearing their personal histories, and exploring different cultures are just a few great benefits of being a part of our learning community. Our growing international student population brings expanding opportunities to learn about other cultures through friendships on campus, while studying abroad enables you to learn about other countries firsthand.